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We are aware that this may seem as a long read and a lot of rules – if in doubt, apply anyway!

Applications are open from 4pm CET, on Friday, November 23rd 2018.

You may submit your application in German or English.

Rules for LEARNs (Learning Environment and Research Nucleus) in the School of Commons (November 20th 2018)

1) LEARNs may apply at any time for the current period by submitting their application via Applications are handled on a „first come, first serve“ basis. LEARNs that apply for financial support earlier are more likely to receive a research grant from the School of Commons independent of their content.3) The School of Commons administration team may reject applications for formal shortcomings or if the application is considered unethical or if their content is considered counterproductive to the School of Commons’ goals or standards. Applications may be rejected without further explanation by the School of Commons’ administration team.4) For the 2018-2019 period (running until June 30th 2019) the School of Commons is generously supported by the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). The School of Commons aims to involve at least 60% LEARNs with members currently studying or working at ZHdK or recent alumni (no earlier than 2015). Although financial support for LEARNs is granted on a „first come, first serve“ basis, the School of Commons can reject applications which do not support reaching this quota.5) The School of Commons has a limited budget for LEARNs for each period. Once the budget is exhausted, the School of Commons cannot financially support additional LEARNs. For the 2018-2019 period the LEARNs can apply for financial support for up to CHF 2’500.- each. Exceptions can be granted by the administration team of the School of Commons if extraordinary circumstances can be made evident.6) LEARNs not seeking financial support may apply.7) Applying LEARNs will be notified within 30 days of their submission about their application’s status by email to the address provided within the application. Applicants that are being considered will be invited to provide additional information about their LEARN to the School of Commons. The application process and the admission of a LEARN into the School of Commons is not completed until the applicants reach an agreement with the School of Commons.8) Financial support is granted for expenses evidentially facilitating the LEARNs’ research goals and disclosed in the LEARN’s budget. The School of Commons follows the rule of thumb, that not more than 20% (max CHF 500.-) of the submitted budget may go towards salaries, fees or personal remuneration of members of the LEARNs.9) LEARNs may invite guest researchers or outside input. Guest researchers or outside input may be budgeted. Outside contributors’ inputs must be accessible to all participants of the School of Commons. Therefore such visits must be planned together with the School of Commons’ administration team and integrated into the School of Commons’ calendar.10) LEARNs must provide at least one knowledge transfer per period to the School of Commons. The form and timing of these events is subject to negotiation with the School of Commons’ administration team.11) As a general rule, financial support from the School of Commons is transferred to the LEARN’s contact person (as per application) by bank transfer following the delivery of receipts for expenses connected to the LEARN and its work. The funds are usually transferred within 60 days after the School of Commons receives the relevant documents.12) LEARNs agree that upon their completion they develop a publication publicizing their research findings. This publication can also be financially supported by the School of Commons (not part of application budget!). The form of the publication is defined by the LEARN. However, it must meet the School of Commons’ requirements for publications regarding archivability and accessibility.13) The School of Commons and its administration team acts as facilitating entity. Although the administration team may be asked for support, the LEARNs and their work is generally self-organized and self-sustaining.14) Individuals may be member of multiple LEARNs.15) These rules may be subject to change conducted by the School of Commons without further notice.

Don’t forget: you may submit your application in German or English.

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